Reception of media workers from the field of sports on the occasion of the start of the “Media Futsal Tournament”

7 October 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski received today media workers from the field of sports on the occasion of the start of the traditional sports and entertainment event “Media Futsal Tournament”, organized by Sportsko Radio 90.3 FM, marking its 30th anniversary.

President Pendarovski congratulated the organizers, pointing out that such events contribute to the development of sports activities and, above all, to the sports culture in our country.

President Pendarovski said it is a respectable fact that in addition to the sports and entertainment dimension, this year’s event also has a humanitarian character, which, as the President pointed out, once again confirms that sport is a factor that contributes not only to unification, but also to achieving many other positive values that are necessary in our society.

The fact that media workers from the wider region are participating in the tournament this year, President Pendarovski pointed out, is proof that sport has the power to connect people and nations.

He added that as President, within the scope of his powers, he values the successes of our athletes as much as possible, and is proud of all the sports achievements of our country, expressing his belief that those moments of sports joy and excitement the journalists, videographers, photo-journalists as direct witnesses of they experience the matches even more strongly. Therefore, according to the President, the fact that after a break of two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the audience will again have the opportunity to follow the tournament from the stands is particularly pleasing.




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