President Pendarovski awards the “Successful Youth” award for 2021

25 November 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, at a ceremony held in the President’s Cabinet, awarded today the “Successful Youth” award for 2021.

The award is given as an incentive to the scientific research thought and artistic work of young people in our country.

In the “Best Young Scientist in Social Sciences” category, Dr. Viktor Stojkoski was awarded, while Ivan Antonovski, M.Sc., was chosen as the “Best Young Scientist in the Humanities”.

Dr. Andrej Risteski was chosen as the best young scientist in natural-mathematical and technical sciences, and Dr. Gordana Georgieva was chosen as the best young scientist in medical sciences.

In the “Young Talent” category, recipients of the award are Makedon Dimitrovski, a student in the third grade at the “Liria” Elementary School in Tetovo, and Aleksij Tasic, a high school student.

Nina Kostovska was recognized for her special success and affirmation of inclusion, while Natalija Teodosieva was chosen as the best young artist.

In his address at the ceremony, President Pendarovski said that as members of the new generation of Macedonian intellectuals, these young people are part of the creative minority that has the potential to make significant breakthroughs in their fields.

“These successful young people are a positive example for their peers, but also for the generations yet to come. Their path to success is not at all easy, as it requires time and continuous commitment. And therefore, the state must reward and value him accordingly. Namely, this is exactly the main goal of the “Successful Youth” recognition – to encourage the scientific, research and creative work of young people”, President Pendarovski said.

“But, with this recognition, we want to achieve something else, no less valuable – and that is to reduce the emigration of young, educated people”, President Pendarovski said, calling on the state to provide all young talents with equal opportunities to progress and to recognize and reward the most successful among them.

“Only in this way will we be able to restore the confidence of young people that they can succeed here, in their homeland with their talent, with their invested effort and achieved results”, President Pendarovski said.

The award “Successful Youth” is awarded for the third time for results achieved in the past calendar year in the field of social, natural-mathematical and technical, humanistic and medical sciences, to young people with significant achievements in artistic and cultural practices, as well as in the categories young innovators, talents and successful youth with disabilities.




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