Video message from the President’s Wife to the audience at the panel “Roma Women in the 21st Century – Opportunities, Contributions and Challenges”

8 March 2022 | Press Releases

The Wife of President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, addressed the participants of the panel “Roma Women in the 21st Century – Opportunities, Contributions and Challenges”, organized by the Coalition of Roma Civil Society Organizations “Khetane”, on the occasion of March 8th – International Women’s Day.

In her address, Gjorgievska reaffirmed her strong support for advancing the position of Roma women in Macedonian society, emphasizing that women in our society still face many obstacles and have to face various challenges and, unfortunately, this is especially pronounced among members of the Roma community.

Gjorgievska stressed that every year we must not just state the problems and the minimal progress and that we must change things radically.

“Apart from the fight against systemic barriers, the passivity of institutions, stereotypes and prejudices, let us contribute with personal activism and individual engagement, each within our capabilities. The role of Roma leaders in their community, who are activists, professionals and changers, is essential”, Gjorgievska said.

She encouraged the present to fight for the rights of all disadvantaged women, both Roma and members of other communities.

“To fight for a place under the sun for everyone and to bring lasting changes in our society, in our communities, to change the mentality and the retrograde worldview that prevents progress and prosperity”, Gjorgievska said.




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