Visit of students from the primary schools “Kole Nedelkovski” and “Kuzman Josifovski-Pitu” from Skopje, as part of the Open Cabinet activity

13 February 2020 | Press Releases

The Cabinet of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Villa Vodno, as part of the Open Cabinet activity, was visited today by students from the primary school “Kole Nedelkovski” and the primary school “Kuzman Josifovski-Pitu” from Skopje.

The students had the opportunity to meet and talk to President Stevo Pendarovski in person, to be informed about his work and responsibilities, and to visit the official meeting rooms, such as the halls where events, ceremonies and press conferences are held.

The visitors also got acquainted with some of the members of the Cabinet who were informed about the history of the building, where the President’s Cabinet is located, as well as the functioning of this institution.


The students also had the opportunity to talk to Colonel Biljana Blazeska, an adjutant to President Pendarovski, who briefed them on her duties and activities as a senior military official in his Cabinet, as well as with members of the Air Force WING of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia who introduced them to the function, goals and objectives of their Unit.

Today’s visit to Villa Vodno is part of the Open Cabinet, an activity that allows direct meetings of citizens with President Stevo Pendarovski. All interested citizens, institutions and organizations, with prior registration on the official website of the President have the opportunity to communicate directly with President Pendarovski, to share their ideas, proposals and suggestions, as well as attend public events held in the Cabinet.





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