Working meeting with experts in the field of economy for finalization of MKD2030

27 April 2022 | Press Releases

A working meeting was held today in the Cabinet of the President with experts in the field of economy and finance for finalization of the Development Framework MKD2030, which is being drafted at the initiative of President Stevo Pendarovski.


Having in mind that we create MKD2030 through an open and transparent process, President Pendarovski said, the opinion, suggestions and consultations with most of the social actors are especially important, in order to prepare sustainable and quality solutions for the development and future of the country.

“The development framework is in draft form and in that direction we would appreciate the contribution of all of you as prominent experts in the field of public finance, economy and business. Some of you have the experience of managing public finances, and others, the experience of the real sector”, President Pendarovski said at the working meeting.

He stressed that strategic planning is needed by the country not only as part of the legal obligations of state institutions, but also as a process that will have a broad social consensus and will unite us around a common vision.

“The goal of MKD2030 is to determine the priorities in which we should invest and where to direct our resources. We need a focus on the future, in order to make progress and provide a better life for the citizens”, the President said at the working meeting.

Today’s working meeting is part of the final consultations with prominent experts from the country and abroad. So far, working meetings have been held with representatives of the business sector, academia, civil society and international organizations and prominent professionals in various fields.

At the same time, all citizens have the opportunity, through the website, to directly participate and give their contribution in the preparation of the strategic document.

The development framework MKD2030 will be officially promoted in the middle of the year.




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