Working meeting with representatives of the civil sector for finalization of MKD2030

13 May 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski held a working meeting today with representatives of the civil sector in order to finalize the MKD2030 Development Framework, which is being prepared on his initiative.

Pointing to the need for a common platform that would represent a long-term vision for the development and future of the country, President Pendarovski said that MKD2030 is planned to be a platform for which there will be a national consensus on priorities where to invest and where to direct our resources, focusing on the future, for the purpose of progress and a better life for the citizens.

President Pendarovski expressed gratitude to the participants for accepting the invitation to contribute to the finalization of the strategic document and to finding quality and sustainable solutions for the development and future of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Today’s working meeting is part of the final consultations with prominent experts from the country and abroad in the process of drafting the strategic document. So far, working meetings have been held with representatives of the business sector, experts in the field of economics and finance, academia, civil and international organizations and prominent professionals in various fields.

The MKD2030 Development Framework will be officially promoted in the middle of the year, and will be submitted to the Government as a basis for the National Development Strategy 2022-2042.




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