Cabinet of the President

The Cabinet of the President is an expert service that works to support and implement the activities and priorities provided in the mandate of the President obtained by the citizens in general and direct elections.

The organization of the Cabinet is carried out by a decision of the President, and the Cabinet is headed by a Secretary General, who is appointed by the President and is responsible for the overall operation of the Cabinet. The Secretary General of the Cabinet of the President, Stevo Pendarovski, is Mile Boshnjakovski

The Cabinet of the President is also consisted of Deputy Secretaries-General, as well as Special Advisers appointed by the President, Cabinet Officers, State Advisers, External Associates, Administrative Officers, as well as the persons who are part of the Cabinet’s permanent or temporary bodies.

The permanent expert service of the Cabinet includes state advisers on foreign policy, as well as constitutional issues, sectors of foreign policy, domestic policy, defense and security, public relations, organizational and legal issues, as well as independent financial departments and human resources working to support the goals and priorities.

The Executive Assistant to the President is responsible for President’s day-to-day agenda, receiving mail, delegations and individuals, as well as for other organizational activities in support of the President.

If you want to make an appointment with President Pendarovski or send a request to him, please call +389 2 3253 105 or send an e-mail: [email protected].

Mile Bosnjakovski

Secretary General

Toshe Zafirov

Deputy Secretary General

Biljana Radeva

Deputy Secretary General, Head of Strategic Communications

Goce Karajanov

Ambassador, Special Foreign Policy Adviser

Blerim Kolalli

National Security Advisor

Dr. Aleksandar Spasov

Advisor for Foreign Policy, Domestic Policy and Constitutional Issues

Katerina Canevska - Arsovska

Public Affairs Advisor

Elena Stavrovska - Sevrievska

Public Affairs Advisor

Bisera Spasevska

Economic Affairs Advisor

Biljana Micevska Josifovska

Chief of Protocol

Biljana Blazeska

Adjutant to the President

Kristijan Georgievski

Digital Media and Production Officer

External Associates

Fikria Tair

External Associate, Adviser on Multiculturalism, Policies, Strategies and Programs for Inclusion of Roma in the Republic of North Macedonia

Iskra Geshoska

External Associate, Cultural Affairs Advisor