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Presidential Center for Political Education

In line with the efforts to strengthen democratic political values, promote and protect human rights and freedoms, political pluralism, mutual tolerance, unity and solidarity, President Stevo Pendarovski, with a decision, established a Presidential Center for Political Education.


The Cabinet of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia and Villa Vodno are open to all citizens.

Anyone with a desire and interest will have the opportunity to visit the Cabinet, the working premises within the Villa Vodno, to meet the staff of the President’s Office, the halls where ceremonies, events, press conferences, meetings, sessions of the Security Council, presenting the credentials by foreign ambassadors and other.

‘Face to Face with the President’

A a program that allows residents of different settlements in North Macedonia to meet with the President, so that President Pendarovski will be able to hear the problems in direct communication, the ideas for overcoming the problems, as well as the challenges that they are facing.

Successful Youth

President Stevo Pendarovski supports the creation of policies that will contribute to reducing the braindrain from our country, as well as creating prospects for young and successful staff.

One of the projects that aim to contribute to the evaluation of the work and knowledge of young people is the recognition ‘Successful Youth’.


Through patronage, the President contributes to the affirmation of art and culture, science, education, sports, strengthening inclusion and improving the conditions for vulnerable groups in society.