Pardoning Commission

In accordance with the Law on Pardons, the procedure for possible pardoning of convicted persons by the President begins with the submission of a request for pardon to the court that made the first instance court decision.

The request is submitted to the Ministry of Justice together with the necessary documentation.

According to the legally established procedure, the Minister of Justice reviews the request and the accompanying documents and makes a proposal which is submitted to the President of the Republic of North Macedonia.

The Pardoning Commission of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, as a permanent working body of the President, at regular sessions individually reviews each incoming pardoning request together with the proposal of the Minister of Justice.

The Commission, by a majority vote of the present members, drafts an opinion or proposal which it submits to the President of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Based on the opinion of the Commission, as well as based on the proposal of the Minister of Justice, the President of the Republic of North Macedonia makes a final decision.

The decisions of the President are public and are published in the “Official Gazette of the Republic of North Macedonia”.

President of the Pardoning Commission is Uranija Pirovska, Executive Director of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, while members of the Commission are:

  • Fehmi Stafa, State Attorney;
  • Ljubomir Joveski, Public Prosecutor;
  • Ljubomir Mihajlovski, Attorney-at-Law;
  • Kimo Chavdar, PhD, University Professor
  • Erol Rushid, Doctor;
  • Zora Mitic, Doctor;
  • Bozin Avramovski, Retired Judge;
  • Safet Aliu, Former Supreme Court Judge;
  • Tomislav Kezarovski, Journalist;
  • Biljana Petkovska, Executive Director of the Macedonian Media Institute.