The Cabinet of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia and Villa Vodno are open to all citizens.

Anyone with a desire and interest will have the opportunity to visit the Cabinet, the working premises within the Villa Vodno, to meet the staff of the President’s Office, the halls where ceremonies, events, press conferences, meetings, sessions of the Security Council, presenting the credentials by foreign ambassadors and other official activities of the Head of State.

Visitors will have the opportunity to be informed about the history of the building where the President’s Office is located and to attend public events.

Those who have visited Villa Vodno thus far are citizens of different ages and occupations, students from the country and abroad, as well as students from primary and secondary schools in the country.

Every citizen willing to visit the premises within ‘Villa Vodno’ can apply by filling in the attached form.

* Persons applying for participation in the ‘Open Cabinet’ project are subject to regular security checks, on the basis of which their requests will be considered. Regular security checks are a standard practice for all Villa Vodno visitors, in order to provide a safe and comfortable stay and smooth implementation of the planned activities.


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