Face to Face with the President

‘Face to Face with the President’ is a program that allows residents of different settlements in North Macedonia to meet with the President, so that President Pendarovski will be able to hear the problems in direct communication, the ideas for overcoming the problems, as well as the challenges that they are facing.

Guided by the commitment to be the president of all, he has direct meetings with the citizens who in different ways contribute to our society, i.e. teachers, firefighters, journalists, civil society organizations, successful individuals and businessmen, humane people.

Regarding the ‘Face to Face’ project, President Pendarovski says: ’’It is most natural, most logical, in any democracy it is so – elected political representatives of citizens and citizens on a daily basis to cooperate, listen and work for the common good. The main goal of politicians is to make life easier for citizens. Therefore, I think it is good that we go to them and talk openly, rather than to wait for them to write us a letter.’’