Successful Youth

President Stevo Pendarovski supports the creation of policies that will contribute to reducing the braindrain from our country, as well as creating prospects for young and successful staff.

One of the projects that aim to contribute to the evaluation of the work and knowledge of young people is the recognition ‘Successful Youth’.

 The recognition will encourage young people to do scientific, research and creative work, to increase their motivation for new achievements and value their work.

The recognition is awarded for results achieved in the past calendar year, in the field of social, humanistic, natural – mathematical, technical and medical sciences, to young people with significant achievements in artistic and cultural practices, as well as in the categories of young innovators, talents and successful young people with disability. The recognition is awarded to young people with significant results in the respective category, who, over the previous calendar year, have reached 35 years, except in the category of young talents, for which only high school students can apply.

All citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia who meet the conditions have the right to participate.

The selection of the recognition holders is made by a special commission. The President of the Commission is Prof. Dr. Aneta Cekic, Professor at the Institute for Sociological and Political-Legal Research at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.

 Other members of the Commission are:

–  Academician Taki Fiti, President of MANU

Academician Ljupco Kocarev, MANU

– Prof. Dr. Marija Chundeva Blajer, UKIM – FEIT

Prof. Vladimir Martinovski, PhD, UKIM, Faculty of Philology – Skopje

Prof. Dr. Boban Misoski, Associate Professor, UKIM, Faculty of Law – Skopje

Prof. Dr. Trajce Stafilov, UKIM, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Ivan Dodovski, American College Skopje

Prof. Dr. Risto Soluncev, UKIM, Faculty of Philosophy – Skopje

Prof. Dr. Marija Stevanovic, UKIM, Faculty of Dentistry – Skopje

Prof. Dr. Gzime Starova, UKIM, Faculty of Law – Skopje

Prof. Dr. Petar Popovski, University of Alburg

Prof. Dr. Ilija Dukovski, Boston University

Prof. Dr. Zivorad Tomovski, UKIM, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Dr. Elena Stavrevska, London School of Economics and Political Science

Dr. Jane Bogoev, World Bank

– Dr. Andrea Arsovski, General Hospital “Remedika”

– Dr. Vladimir Chadikovski, Acibadem – Sistina Clinical Hospital

Dr. Tamara Kupeva, SUGS Gymnasium “Orce Nikolov” – Skopje

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ana Chupeska, UKIM, Institute of Political Science – Skopje

Anita Nikova, Executive Director – MASIT

Aferdita Hadzijaha Imeri, Social Inclusion Expert, International Foundation for Elections and Electoral Systems

The following President Advisers’ also have contribution to the work of the Commission:

  • Iskra Geshovska – in the field of culture
  • Fikria Tair – on Roma related issues
  • Maria Bashevska – on gender policies and equal opportunities
  • Besa Arifi – on legal issues.