The President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski, decorated 8 members of the Territorial Firefighting Brigade of the City of Skopje today with “Medal of Bravery”. The Medal of Bravery is awarded for exceptional courage and sacrifice shown in carrying out fire-fighting tasks during a fire in a residential building on Narodni Heroi Str., in the municipality of Kisela Voda, thud contributed to timely evacuation of the threatened tenants.

On the eve of the Independence Day, September 8th, President Pendarovski said, their heroic act is a moment of unity for all of us as citizens, congratulating them on their professionalism and dedication.

At the ceremony today, President Pendarovski also awarded the “Charter of the Republic of North Macedonia” to the Territorial Firefighting Brigade of the City of Skopje for dedication in performing firefighting duties on the territory of ​​the City of Skopje, in eliminating the immediate danger of fire, rescuing citizens and property protection, endangered by fires and explosions, and other activities in accordance with the scope of work.

“I hope the Medals and the Charter will be an additional motivation for further dedicated work and professional action. I also believe that all of this will be a reminder of the importance of fire brigades and the need to constantly invest in up-to-date equipment and modern equipment and tools necessary for their work, as well as the need for training for firefighters. Of course, this applies to all firefighting brigades throughout our country”, President Pendarovski said, adding that there should be no saving in the procurement of equipment and wherever necessary to increase the number of firefighters and invest in their skills and knowledge.

The Commander of the Territorial Firefighting Brigade of the City of Skopje, Vladimir Simonovski, on behalf of the Brigade and all his fellow firefighters, thanked President Pendarovski for the “Medal of Bravery” and for recognition of the “Charter of the Republic of North Macedonia”.

“This year the Firefighting Brigade faced more serious and difficult interventions in which we responded with maximum professionalism and with our dedication to the work we prevented major accidents and disasters”, Simonovski said.

The fire that occurred in June this year, in a seven-storey building in the municipality of Kisela Voda, was extinguished in a timely manner without loss of life. Eleven people were hospitalized at the University Clinic of Toxicology because of serious respiratory problems, four of them were firefighters.