President Pendarovski attends the final class of the training for online assistants for people with physical disabilities

29 September 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski attended today the final class of the training of persons with physical disabilities for the first online assistants in the country, organized by the Macedonian company Brand Solution Dooel.

The event, held at the “EU for You”, the office of the EU, was also attended by the Deputy Head of the EU Delegation in Skopje, Julian Vassallo, and the representative of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, Iskra Lazarova.

The company Brand Solution Dooel is the creator of the platform “Best Online Assistant” for the sale and purchase of digital services, which in one place connects companies as buyers of services and qualified persons with physical disabilities as service providers. Through this platform, 10 people with physical disabilities are the first to complete the 16-week training and will be the first providers of digital services. The platform enables direct promotion of the talents and abilities of people with physical disabilities to companies, organizations and the public, and further increases the awareness in society for their inclusion.

At the final lesson, President Pendarovski had the opportunity to get acquainted with the importance of the platform and the results achieved, whereas the participants in the trainings shared their impressions of the acquired knowledge and employment opportunities.

The company Brand Solution Dooel, this year became the only educational center for marginalized groups and vulnerable categories, for digital skills and sales in the country with the possibility of awarding certificates verified by the Center for Adult Education.




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