Address of the President’s Wife at the opening of the Mental Health Office at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje

10 December 2022 | Press Releases

The measures introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic, due to which there was social and physical distancing, post-Covid resocialization posed a problem for many young people, the current financial, energy crisis also poses a problem for young people due to which young people face a large number of trigger factors that could lead to a disruption of their mental health, and the new phenomenon cannot be neglected – the influence, the social network pressure – Ms. Elizabeta Gjorgievska said, who attended and addressed the opening of the Mental Health Office today at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje.

“In these sixteen days of activism against domestic and gender-based violence, I will mention that young people are daily faced with peer violence and gender-based violence, with economic dependence that affects mental health”, Ms. Gjorgievska said, adding that she thinks that all this should be addressed, targeted and confronted, because young people very rarely talk about it, they hide it in themselves and a benign condition can very easily cross the thin line and pass into a severe mental disorder and serious consequences.

According to Ms. Gjorgievska, centers such as the Red Cross Support Center and the Office for Mental Support which is opened today at the Faculty of Philosophy, as well as all institutions that take care of mental health, together with all their staff, psychologists, psychiatrists, pedagogues, social workers, people who work with rehabilitation, people who work with people with atypical development, should jointly participate and contribute in dealing with mental problems of young people.

The event was addressed by Ratko Duev, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Mirjana Jovanovska Stojanovska, President of the Chamber of Psychologists, Viktorija Postolovska, Student Ombudsman and Luka Pavicevic, President of the Union of High School Students.

In the Mental Health Office, graduate students of the Faculty of Philosophy who have a license to perform psychological activity will work with high school students and students to improve their mental health, while the same activity will be performed with children and youth who are stateless, refugees and migrants by fourth-year students studying psychology, social work and special education.




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