Module IV rounds up the first School of Policies within the Presidential Center for Political Education

23 October 2021 | Press Releases

Yesterday and today, in cooperation with the partner organizations, the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI), the last, Module IV was held, thus rounding up the School of Policies for 2021 within the Presidential Center for Political Education.

Module IV was realized with the participation of eminent lecturers and trainers from the country and abroad, and the participants debated on topics that touch upon issues in the field of public relations, creation of public policies, democratic tools and strategies to combat disinformation and information manipulation, as well as on the ways of communication on the geopolitical scene of the transatlantic actors.

On the topic of social media and transparency of public institutions, defense of digital democracy, challenges in cyber security and political discourse and partisanship, lectures were given yesterday by Scott Mastic, IRI Vice President for Programs, Derek Mitchell, President of NDI, Tose Zafirov, Deputy Secretary General in the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Prial Bath, Technical Innovation Program Officer at NDI, Madeline Nikoloff, Program Assistant at NDI Democracy and Technology Team, Chris Doten, NDI Chief Innovation Officer and Mary Andrews, a political communications expert and former aide to US President George W. Bush on global communications.

At the fourth educational seminar, which rounds up the School of Policies for 2021, the lectures foreseen for today will be delivered by Chris Holzen, Senior Advisor for Europe and Eurasia at IRI, Thibault Muzergues, Program Director for Europe at IRI, the President of the Program Council of the Presidential Center for Political Education, Aleksandar Lj. Spasov, Misa Popovic of the Societas Civilis Institute for Democracy, Moira Villan, Director of Democracy and Technology at NDI, Brett Barrowman, Senior Research Specialist at the IRI Global Impact Center, and Daniel Arnaudo, Information Strategies Advisor at NDI.

Tomorrow, President Stevo Pendarovski will solemnly award the certificates for successful completion of the School of Policies to all participants of the first generation.

The aim of the School of Policies within the Presidential Center for Political Education is to contribute to building unity through learning, to promote a culture of dialogue, and to influence education reform through the comprehensive inclusion of political education in our formal and informal education system.




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