President Pendarovski visits the Vinojug transit center on the southern border of the state and the members of the Army in Mlaz Bogdanci

19 December 2023 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski visited today the transit center Vinojug – Gevgelija, where he spoke with representatives of the institutions and organizations engaged there, about their current activities, the registration of migrants and their treatment.

President Pendarovski visited the family corner where migrants are educated. There he was informed about the ongoing activities regarding their psycho-social protection and mental health. In the conversation with some of the people who use these services, the President was acquainted with their personal stories and testimonies, as well as with their previous experiences from their stay in the country.

In the talks with representatives of the competent institutions, President Pendarovski was informed about the capacities of the transit center, as well as about the overall situation on the southern border, bearing in mind that there is a decision on the existence of a crisis situation. At the same time, it was established that the security situation is stable and without significant changes compared to the past period. Since the beginning of the year, almost 10 thousand migrants have been registered in the country, mainly from Syria, Morocco, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The interlocutors emphasized the need to further strengthen the joint approach of the countries concerned, support in strengthening national capacities, but also cooperation with the countries of origin of these persons.

During his visit to Vinojug, President Pendarovski also spoke with representatives of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the leading agency of the United Nations for migration. They introduced him to their current activities in view of appropriate treatment of migrants, international cooperation, finding practical solutions for migration challenges and humanitarian aid.

This afternoon, President Stevo Pendarovski also visited the members of the Army who are located in the facility in Mlaz Bogdanci. Talking with them, the soldiers and elders introduced him to their activities and engagement in dealing with illegal crossings on our southern border.





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