President Pendarovski meets with managers of companies participating in the “Young Managers and Business Leaders” program

20 January 2021 | Press Releases


As part of the implementation of the “Young Managers and Business Leaders” project of the Council of Foreign Investors, under the auspices of the Cabinet of the President, President Stevo Pendarovski met today with the management of the companies participating in the project.


Stressing that the program will enable young people to gain competitive skills and knowledge that will lead them to new professional challenges, President Pendarovski reaffirmed his support for this and all subsequent joint projects that will contribute to the development of young people which will motivate them to stay in our country.


“You have shown high awareness and solidarity. In the most difficult year for the business so far, you have also shown a higher level of social responsibility. Especially worthy of respect is your decision, in these particularly difficult conditions for operation and existence, to accept young people in your companies. The program is an excellent opportunity for professional advancement of every ambitious, young person”, President Pendarovski said before the representatives of foreign companies.


The project involves 8 companies – members of the Council of Foreign Investors: EVN Macedonia AD, Comfi Angel, Van Hool Macedonia, Kemet Electronics Macedonia, EOS Matrix Macedonia, Philip Morris TKP, Ramstore Macedonia and Makstil AD Skopje. The managers of these companies at today’s meeting pointed out that through the project, talented young people will be detected and will receive transfer of new knowledge from the companies.


“The fact that the interest of the companies is great shows that the program has achieved its goal so far. We give young people much more than practice. We are strengthening their potential and increase the most necessary resource in the country – the human”, the representatives of the Council of Foreign Investors said at the meeting.


Through the established cooperation between the Cabinet of the President and the Council of Foreign Investors at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, 20 young people will participate in trainings on strategic planning and leadership skills, and will have the opportunity to visit different sectors within the companies chosen by the selected candidate. Project participants will be part of webinars and will prepare a case study. The practical implementation of the project starts on Monday. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be carried out online.


The right to participate in the “Young Managers and Business Leaders” program had young people not older than 29 years, i.e. students who are in the last year of their undergraduate studies, graduates, master and doctoral students at universities/faculties of economics, law, human resources, management, public administration, business or related sciences dealt in the companies involved in this program.






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