President Pendarovski meets with the leadership of the “Manaki Brothers” Festival

22 August 2023 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski received today the Director of the “Manaki Brothers” film festival, Moni Damevski.

At the meeting, Director Damevski informed President Pendarovski that within this year’s program for the 44th International Cinematographers’ Film Festival, 64 films will be featured. At the same time, as Damevski said, renowned cinematographers, directors and producers from all over the world will attend the festival.

Praising the nearly five-decade tradition of the Festival, President Pendarovski said that he is proud with the fact that the “Manaki Brothers” program is getting richer every year, and Bitola is visited by famous names from the world film industry. With that, as the President said, the festival is a promoter, not only of Bitola as a city, but of the Macedonian culture in general in the world.




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