President Pendarovski meets with the President of the Jewish Community, Pepo Levi

4 November 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski received today the President of the Jewish community, Pepo Levi.

At the meeting, President Pendarovski was informed about the activities of the Jewish community in North Macedonia, about their engagements and future plans, as well as about their cooperation with state institutions.

President Pendarovski expressed his support for the activities of the Jewish community and emphasized his commitment to promoting cooperation with them, in the context of preserving and affirming the culture, tradition and customs of the Macedonian Jews.

The interlocutors exchanged opinions and information about the current situation in the country, while welcoming the adoption of the amendments to the Law on Associations and Foundations and the Law on Political Parties, according to which the names and signs of political parties, associations and foundations are prohibited from containing symbols, words, abbreviations, which cause racial or religious hatred or intolerance, ethnic intolerance, intolerance, hatred, genocide, extermination, spreading or support of fascism, Nazism, National Socialism and the Third Reich, or reference to persons and events from the past, associated with Fascism, Nazism, National Socialism and the Third Reich.

The meeting also discussed the contribution of the Jewish community to the overall development and progress of the Macedonian society.




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