President Pendarovski visits Kamenjanski vodopadi in Bogovinje municipality

4 July 2022 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski visited today the waterfalls in the village of Kamenjane, where he met with the citizens of Bogovinje municipality, a municipality with eight waterfalls, as part of the “Face to Face with the President” project.

In the talks with the locals and the mayor of the municipality, President Pendarovski said that these waterfalls at the foot of Shar Mountain are yet another natural attraction that contributes to the development of rural tourism. He welcomed the initiative to install information boards, a new path and bridges, making it easier for tourists to access the falls.

Developing sustainable forms of tourism will enable protection of the environment, and promoting that concept will increase the number of domestic and foreign tourists, for which Kamenjane is suitable for the development of eco-tourism in our country, the President said.




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