President Pendarovski visits the “Little Bits of Good Foundation”

12 February 2024 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski visited today the tutorial center of the Little Bits of Good Foundation in Chair, which is part of this Foundation subsidiary in the country, along with the centers in Gazi Baba, Butel 2 and Vizbegovo.

President Pendarovski attended mathematics and art classes at the Motivi Center in Chair. Some of the children from the primary schools from Chair, who follow the lessons in Albanian language, wrote their homework. President Pendarovski talked with the students about their favorite subjects and about the subjects they like less, as well as about their art works.

During the visit, the persons responsible for the Center’s program informed President Pendarovski in more detail about the program being implemented, as well as the challenges and the results achieved from this type of teaching in the center.

At the same time, the authorities said that the purpose of their activities for students from the surrounding primary schools is to improve the quality of life of poor families and single mothers. They also pointed out that the Foundation offers financial assistance to people with disabilities not able to work, as well as medical scholarships for high-achieving students and underrepresented students from the Skopje region at accredited medical faculties.

The four tutorial centers of the “Little Bits of Good Foundation” are visited by about 500 students, and in addition to teaching natural sciences, they also hold courses in Macedonian and English, with an enriched program in the field of art and, through an annual exhibition of artwork, talented students are given the opportunity to showcase their skills.




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