Public call for submission of applications for the recognition “Successful youth” for 2019

23 July 2020 | Press Releases

The recognition is awarded by the President of the Republic of North Macedonia as an incentive for the scientific and research thought and artistic work of the youth in the Republic of North Macedonia.

The recognition is awarded for results achieved in the course of 2019, in eight (8) categories:

  1. The best young scientist in social sciences;
  2. The best young scientist in humanities;
  3. The best young scientist in natural sciences, mathematics and technology;
  4. The best young scientist in medical sciences;
  5. The best young innovator;
  6. Young talent (for high school students);
  7. Recognition for special success and affirmation of inclusion (for young people with disabilities);
  8. The best young artist.

The public call includes all persons who turn 35 by 2019, who have achieved significant results in the respective category, except for the sixth category (young talent) for which only high school students can apply.

Candidates who apply should submit proof that they meet the following conditions (for the appropriate category):

  • for categories 1-4: a. List and copy of issued scientific publications (in terms of the definition of “reference scientific publication” given in the Law on Higher Education – “Official Gazette of RM”, No. 82 of 8 May 2018); and/or b. List and copy of scientific books (personal monographic editions) published by a Macedonian publisher.
  • for category 5: a. Copy of patent certificate registered by reference institution; and/or b. Copy of certificate or other official proof by a reference institution for recognized significant results in the field of innovation; and c. Assessment of the positive impact of innovation in terms of solving a particular problem and challenge and in terms of the target audience volume; and d. Economic scalability of the idea, i.e. how easily the innovation can be reproduced (without being copied), in order to solve as many problems and challenges as possible in the shortest possible time; and e. The innovation should not harm the environment in any way.
  • for category 6: a. A copy of a certificate, diploma or other official proof of significant international and domestic results achieved or awards in various fields (including culture and arts); and b. Certificate of full-time student status in a high school; and/or c. Recommendation from a mentor/professor with whom the candidate worked on a certain topic and showed excellent success.
  • for category 7: a. Involvement in the process of inclusive education (school, faculty); and/or b. Achieved particular success in the educational process; and/or c. Participation in activities in the school community/faculty; and/or d. Asserted impact on the community with activities that raise awareness of the inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • for category 8: a. List and copy of published/performed works of art (recordings, photographs, etc.) and b. List and copy of critical reviews of works of art; and/or c. List of awards and recognitions for artistic achievements.

All citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia who meet the above conditions have the right to participate. The above materials, together with a CV and a certificate of citizenship of the Republic of North Macedonia, should be submitted in one printed and one electronic copy (USB or Wetransfer link) to the Cabinet of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, no later than 18 September 2020. For more detailed information, please contact the following e-mail address: [email protected] or the telephone number 070 409 181. Recognizing the socio-economic preconditions of the individuals as an important factor in the access and opportunities for education and professional advancement, with this Public Call, we particularly encourage all young people belonging to vulnerable categories to apply for the “Successful Youth” recognition.

Cabinet of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia
(“Successful Youth” Recognition Commission)

Villa “Vodno”
33А Aco Karamanov Street
МК-1000 Skopje





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