Pendarovski: Never before, for any law, did the European Union react before the law was passed because of the abuse of the European flag – there was such a reaction for the Law on Games of Chance

15 February 2024 | Press Releases

Regarding the amendments to the Criminal Code, there was a clear European Directive on the confiscation of property acquired through crime. Namely, in that part, the amendments to the Code are aligned with the European Directive on freezing and confiscation of items and property benefits, which, apart from the prison sentence, focuses on confiscating the property benefits from the perpetrators of these crimes.

Never, for any law, has the European Union responded in writing not to misuse the European flag before that law has even been passed, as the EU has done now, in this case, with regard to the Law Amending the Law on Games of Chance and Entertainment Games.

The letter, clearly stating that the procedure was not followed, i.e. the letter from the European Union before being sent to the President, was also sent to the Government and the Parliament.

Vice Prime Minister Artan Grubi, as well as all members of the Government, should be familiar with this letter.





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