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7 September 2023 | Press Releases

We wish to inform you that today President Pendarovski decided to sign the Decree for the Promulgation of the Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Criminal Code.

With the changes in the Criminal Code, adopted by the Assembly, no amnesty is foreseen for the crimes committed in the performance of the service. On the contrary, sanctions are still foreseen for the perpetrators of those acts, as with these changes the emphasis is placed on the so-called extended confiscation of property.

In that part, the amendments to the Code are aligned with the European Directive on freezing and confiscation of objects and property benefits, which, apart from the prison sentence, focuses on confiscation of property benefits from the perpetrators of these crimes.

President Pendarovski expects the measure of extended confiscation of property not to remain only on paper as it has been so far, but to be applied much more often in practice and in all cases of ascertained abuses in the performance of the service, illegally acquired property benefits and misused funds to be returned to the budget.




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