President Stevo Pendarovski’s position on the occasion of yesterday’s events at the session of the Judicial Council

27 April 2023 | Press Releases

Regarding the questions addressed by the media to our institution concerning the position of President Stevo Pendarovski on yesterday’s events at the session of the Judicial Council, please be informed of the following:

The position of President Pendarovski is that there were scenes that did not befit the body that has a very responsible role, considering the competences it has in the selection and dismissal of judges and evaluating the work of judges, the protection of the reputation of the judiciary as a key factor for citizens’ trust in the judiciary.

With such actions, the credibility and the trust of the citizens, not only in the Judicial Council but also in the justice system is further reduced.

Regarding the questions about the election of Vesna Damova and Selim Ademi as members of the Judicial Council, we inform you that in accordance with the constitutional powers of the President and after consultations, Vesna Damova has been proposed to the Assembly as a member of the Judicial Council of the Republic of North Macedonia in 2019 as a proposal that comes from the rank of prominent lawyers. Selim Ademi was elected as a member of the Judicial Council on the proposal of the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia.




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