Congratulation note from President Pendarovski on the occasion of Saint Sava

27 January 2024 | Press Releases

On the occasion of the Saint Sava holiday, President Stevo Pendarovski sent a congratulation note to the members of the Serbian community in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Respected members of the Serbian community,

On behalf of the Macedonian citizens, let me congratulate you 27 January, the National Day of the Serbs in the Republic of North Macedonia and wish you peace and joy.

This important holiday is dedicated to the great Serbian spiritualist, educator and builder St. Sava who is an inspiration for generations of Serbs to nurture their identity, language, literacy and culture and thus create lasting values.

As constitutionally recognized and socially valued, the Serbian community contributes to the creation and development of our common homeland, to the nurturing of coexistence in the Macedonian multi-ethnic and multilingual society. This is evidenced by the contribution of numerous prominent members of the Serbian community, who enrich our social, cultural and political life.

Together with the Macedonian community in the neighboring Republic of Serbia, the Serbian community in North Macedonia is a solid bridge of friendship between the two countries whose relations are characterized by mutual respect and assistance, both in peaceful and turbulent times.

Congratulations on 27 January – St. Sava’s Day.




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