Address of the President’s Wife at the multimedia event of the “Leave a Trace” caravan

20 August 2023 | Press Releases


The Wife of the President, Elizabeta Gjorgievska, addressed the multimedia event of the “Leave a Trace” caravan that was held at the “Grigor Prlichev” Center of Culture in Ohrid.

In her address to the audience, Mrs. Gjorgievska referred to education, inclusion, volunteering and mental health as important areas when it comes to supporting young people. Speaking about education, especially mobility, she pointed out that since the period of her education she has been part of research teams at different universities using different educational programs and told the youth to be actively engaged in their education.

“Today, there are plenty of opportunities that you as young people should and must use to be part of a global research family, where you will receive the latest information from the field of your interest through networking, and, of course, later return to your homeland to share your knowledge and experiences”, Mrs. Gjorgievska said.

Regarding volunteering, Mrs. Gjorgievska said that it is very important that young people have the opportunity from a young age to volunteer in the area of their interest, to get to know the problems faced by the people in their environment because in such a way, solidarity, humanity, empathy are developed, and in addition, can reconnect with the people of their environment and also, find a way with which they will function, live and educate themselves in the future.

Emphasizing the importance of complete inclusion of people with disabilities, Mrs. Gjorgievska said that it is important to see them from the perspective of what they can do and see their ability, their skills, and not to talk about disability.

Gjorgievska also pointed out that in the digital age young people are often victims of peer, physical or emotional violence, which often go unnoticed because they are not talked about and therefore discussions and projects that promote mental health among young people are needed.

In the end, the Wife of the President told the young people to focus on their interests, not to give in to challenges, if they have a problem, to talk about it, to turn to their parents, to their relatives, to their teachers because they deserve better.

“Dedicate yourself to education, study, research and do not let anyone discourage you and make you feel less valuable, because youth is associated with courage, energy, vision, drive. Create friendships, be ambitious and contribute to a better future for you and those who come after you. This is the only way you will leave a trace”, the President’s Wife said.

The event, which has a regional character and is part of the series of public events entitled “Come tell your story – Leave a trace” is implemented by the Institute for Good Governance and Euro-Atlantic Perspectives together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and with the support of the project against hatred and intolerance from the joint program of the European Union and the Council of Europe “Horizontal Instrument for the Western Balkans and Turkey”. Besides Mrs. Gjorgievska, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jovanka Trenchevska, and the Minister of Defense, Slavjanka Petrovska, addressed the panel.

The purpose of the event is to encourage young people to increase their social participation, activation and awareness of equality in society. The group “Sherbet” took part in the event, and the mini-play “Happiness” of the Intimate Theater-Bitola was performed, while some of the students of the International Balkan University – Faculty of Art and Design created works of art on canvas.






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