Citizens can be involved in the preparation of MKD2030 with their proposals

17 February 2022 | Press Releases

In order to create long-term, sustainable and consensually supported policies aimed at making the process of preparation of the MKD2030 Development Framework transparent, citizens and all interested stakeholders in the society have the opportunity to submit their proposals, views and opinions by posting them directly at the website dedicated to the MKD2030 Development Framework.

The website is for informing and acquainting the general public with MKD2030, as a framework for development of the Republic of North Macedonia and a strategic document prepared at the initiative of President Stevo Pendarovski.

The website summarizes the information and activities related to MKD2030, what this document is and what its purpose is, how it is prepared and who participates in its preparation.

Through this open process of consultations, we strive to create precise and constructive solutions, which will be of real interest to the citizens and will contribute to the development of the state and society.

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