President Pendarovski meets with the Minister of Justice and the Director of the State Statistical Office

5 January 2021 | Meetings, Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski met today with the Minister of Justice, Bojan Maricic, and the Director of the State Statistical Office, Apostol Simovski.

At the meeting, President Pendarovski was informed about the ongoing process of judicial reform, the activities and capacities of the State Statistical Office in anticipation of the census.

The Minister of Justice informed the President about the new methodology for evaluating the performance of judges and court presidents, as well as the new tool for filtering and checking the work of judges and courts.

President Pendarovski welcomed the decision of the Judicial Reform Council for vetting the judges, assessing it as a step forward in gaining citizens’ trust in the work of the judiciary. “The rule of law is of existential importance and must be based on sound foundations. Judicial reforms should be effective, and there must be no selectivity and tolerance”, President Pendarovski said.

At the meeting, opinions were exchanged on the upcoming activities to be implemented by the state institutions in order to conduct the census.

The Director of the State Statistical Office, Apostol Simovski, said that the Office is fully prepared to conduct this statistical operation in the context of the methodological and technical part of the census, and expressed expectation that the Law will be adopted soon, in order to act promptly and adequately.

President Pendarovski once again expressed the expectation that the new legal solution will incorporate the highest statistical standards of Eurostat in order to conduct a valid and credible census, as it suits a democratic state.




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