President Pendarovski addresses the Forum: “Non-profit organizations and risk assessment – engagement and lessons learned for effective implementation”

10 June 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski addressed today the regional forum via video message: “Non-profit organizations and risk assessment – engagement and lessons learned for effective implementation”, which is co-organized by the Financial Intelligence Office of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia, the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law and the association Konekt, held on the occasion of the presentation of the Risk Assessment Report on financing terrorism for non-profit organizations in the Republic of North Macedonia.

President Pendarovski said that the Report is very important for us, as a set of good practices recognized internationally which are an excellent opportunity for exchange of experiences and knowledge. President Pendarovski expressed expectation that next year MONEYVAL will conduct a rigorous assessment of the entire state system and its readiness to recognize money laundering risks.

“The Risk Assessment Report on Financing Terrorism for Non-Profit Organizations in our country gives hope that by implementing the recommendations we will make the system stronger and better prepared to deal with the threat of terrorism and illegal sources for its financing”, President Pendarovski said, adding that we will thus strengthen the trust of the citizens and our European partners in the capacity and integrity of the competent domestic institutions as key bearers of the concept of good governance.

In his address, President Pendarovski stressed the need for mechanisms for early recognition of terrorist financing by organizations hiding behind the formal NGO names.

The Macedonian public should be properly informed and educated about the activities of non-profit organizations, which, in turn, should strengthen their own capacity to recognize the risks arising from money laundering and terrorist financing”, President Pendarovski added.

According to President Pendarovski, the fight against terrorism must be comprehensive, cross-sectoral and systemic. “We must strengthen our current capabilities and build resilience of our security and financial systems to potential terrorist attacks”, President Pendarovski said, stressing that it is our responsibility, not only as a NATO member and as candidate for membership in the European Union, but as our state priority.





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