President Pendarovski visits the family farm “Chetirce” in the municipality of Kumanovo

8 March 2024 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, as part of the “Face to Face with the President” project, visited the farm of the Dimkovski family today in the village of Chetirce, Municipality of Kumanovo.

In the conversation with the young entrepreneur Sanja Dimkovska, President Pendarovski was introduced to the capacities of the farm, the way they breed the animals and the placement of their products.

Sharing her past experiences, Sanja indicated that a few years ago she decided to give up her current profession and dedicate herself to her home business, following the example of her parents, who have been engaged in animal farming for about two decades. Her modern approach, through direct communication and digital marketing, has contributed to a significant increase in sales. With the traditional method of raising chickens on open pastures, the “Chetirce” farm often does not meet the demand.

Recognizing the interest in tested and healthy food products, apart from the primary poultry and pig business, Dimkovski, during the past year, also started to prepare and sell homemade food.

Emphasizing the contribution of women entrepreneurs from rural areas, President Pendarovski expressed satisfaction that Sanja’s example inspires and encourages young people to believe in their potential and make a significant contribution to our society.





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