President Pendarovski with “Face to Face” in Tetovo

18 December 2023 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski visited Tetovo today as part of the “Face to Face with the President” project.

Together with the Minister of Health, Dr. Fatmir Mejiti, Deputy Minister of Health, Maja Manoleva, and Acting Director of the Health Insurance Fund, Asaf Abduramani, President Pendarovski visited the Clinical Hospital – Tetovo and had a meeting with the General Medical Director, Prof. Dr. Ilir Demiri and some of the medical and management staff at the institution.

President Pendarovski was informed about the current activities related to the renovation of the internist clinics, the purchase of new medical equipment and the modernization of the surgical rooms in the Emergency Center. At the meeting, satisfaction was expressed with the strong commitment of the competent institutions to improve the hospital conditions and the health service for the citizens of Tetovo, from the region, but also from the whole country. In this regard, the interlocutors also discussed the urgent need to hire new medical staff, both in the hospital in Tetovo and in the hospitals in Stip and Bitola.

During the tour of the hospital, President Pendarovski visited the new oncology department, which was started operating today, the x-ray department in which 2 sophisticated digital x-ray and a mammographic machine are installed, the renovated outpatient clinic, as well as the new rooms that significantly expand the facilities for hospitalization, therapy and treatment of patients.

In Tetovo, the President met with some of the members of the informal group “Chkrap”, photographers with strong enthusiasm for 2 decades. The representatives of the group, which counts nearly 80 photographers, shared their activities aimed at affirmation of this type of artistic expression. Presenting a small segment of their impressive work, the photographers informed President Pendarovski that every year, they feature free topic exhibitions which also include works by our expatriates – members of “Chkrap”.

President Pendarovski also visited the home of the famous Palosi family from Tetovo. At the meeting, the President emphasized the contribution of prominent individuals from this family who left a lasting mark in Tetovo’s cultural-historical and architectural development. Presenting their museum-value inn, built two and a half centuries ago, the hosts referred to the recent past when the building was home to many generations of the Palosi family.




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