President Pendarovski visits the “Veze Shari” company and the municipality of Plasnica

4 March 2024 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski, as part of the “Face to Face with the President” project, visited the “Veze Shari” company today in the village of Trebosh, Municipality of Zelino.

During the visit, President Pendarovski was introduced to the current work of the company, which annually produces over 30 million eggs and has 120 thousand hens and 60 thousand chicks. The management of “Veze Shari” indicated that they also produce meat, minced meat and processed chicken and beef under the “Leker” brand, and the “Electro Shari” biogas and electricity production plant also operates within the company.

The company has a widespread distribution network, despite the placement on the domestic market, exports eggs, meat and cured meat products to the countries in the region and to the European Union.

The added value of the company is the “Electro Shari” plant, which produces 1 megawatt per hour of electricity, that is, 8,760,000 kilowatt hours per year, as well as 8,000 tons of organic fertilizer per year. Waste and by-products from the farm, as well as other agricultural waste, are used as raw materials, thus positioning it as one of the leading companies in the use of renewable energy sources.

Today, President Pendarovski also visited the municipality of Plasnica and met with Idaet Karamaleski, a visually impaired person. At the meeting, President Pendarovski and Karamaleski discussed the challenges and difficulties that a person with a disability faces on a daily basis. In this regard, President Pendarovski reaffirmed his commitment to improving the position of people with disabilities and emphasized that it is necessary to finally create conditions for the active participation of these people in all social processes.




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