Meeting with representatives of the Association of Jazz Musicians and Free Artists – AJM

24 November 2020 | Meetings

President Stevo Pendarovski received today representatives of the Association of Jazz Musicians and Free Artists – AJM, Skopje.

Informing about the current challenges they face, the representatives of the AJM stressed the importance of proper involvement of competent persons in the decision-making processes in the field of jazz culture.

The Association stressed the need for institutionalization and provision of space for work of the AJM the Big Band Orchestra, from the involvement of their members in the process of allocating funds for projects in the field of jazz music which are of national interest, as well as the need for revision of the work of the two jazz academies that operate within the Universities in Skopje and Stip for more successful implementation of the main goal – raising the jazz culture in the country.

Referring to the challenges posed by Covid-19, President Pendarovski stressed that culture was significantly affected by the pandemic. Despite the challenges, the President stressed the extremely important contribution of the Association of Jazz Musicians and Free Artists in the affirmation of jazz culture in the country and abroad, encouraging the efforts to share their experiences, as well as to improve the conditions for performance and creating quality music, as a lasting mark and as one of the foundations of any society.

The association was founded in 2016; its members are some of the most renowned jazz musicians from the country, students and professors of the jazz academies in Skopje and Stip, as well as free artists. It strives for education of young talents and enthusiasts, organizes jazz festivals and cooperates with international organizations engaged in the same field.




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