President Pendarovski meets with representatives of the National Council for Gender Equality

21 August 2023 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski received today Savka Todorovska, President of the National Council for Gender Equality and representatives of the organization.

The meeting discussed the overall activities of the organization, aimed at achieving gender equality, development, protection of women’s rights.

President Pendarovski expressed his support for the activities of the organization, which includes around 116 local formal and informal women’s organizations and groups from urban and rural areas in the country, and expressed his gratitude for their commitment to the political and economic strengthening of the status of women, for the social inclusion of women. from rural areas and marginalized groups and to address gender-based violence.

Savka Todorovska is the recipient of the recognition Charter of the Republic of North Macedonia, awarded by President Pendarovski, for exceptional contribution and commitment to the advancement of gender equality in our country, raising women’s awareness, their education and for their economic empowerment, as well as for the invaluable labor and for the previous commitments for equal opportunities in society.




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