President Pendarovski participates in the “Brain-Drain and the State of Democracy in Europe” debate

4 March 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski participated today in the online debate on “Brain-Drain and the State of Democracy in Europe”, organized by the European Democracy Youth Network, as part of the activities of the Presidential Center for Political Education and the International Republican Institute.

Stressing that the brain-drain is a process that cannot be completely stopped, President Pendarovski said at the debate that we must work to reduce the number of young people leaving the country.

The economic situation, the political climate in the countries in the region, the partisanship of institutions and corruption, according to President Pendarovski, contribute to the decision of young people to leave their countries.

President Pendarovski pointed out the need for a comprehensive approach to the issue, which will cover society as a whole. Additionally, President Pendarovski stressed the importance of the role of youth. According to him, they should think critically and monitor the work of politicians. By becoming active in the society, the youth, President Pendarovski added, with their proposals should contribute to solving the problems they face.

The state on the other hand, as President Pendarovski stressed, should create its policies in accordance with the real needs of young people and get the first chance for professional career in their country.




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