Meeting with Gorjan Jovanovski and Dragan Gelevski – founders of the climate data platform

31 October 2023 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski met with Gorjan Jovanovski and Dragan Gelevski – founders of the new, largest platform for climate data in the world,, at MladiHub today.

The President was briefed on the purpose of the platform, which provides more accessible, centralized access to climate data and necessary environmental information on a global scale.

Driven by the need to deal with natural disasters in a timely manner, Jovanovski and Gelevski indicated that the platform is initially intended for businesses in the insurance, construction and agricultural sectors who, through insight into weather trends, will be able to make safe decisions for their business, customers and the environment.

Congratulating them on their exceptional success, President Pendarovski expressed satisfaction that with their inventiveness, creativity and high professionalism, they contribute to dealing with one of the most serious challenges of today. That, it was emphasized at the meeting, will enable the creation of sustainable policies, strategies and solutions.

Sharing the idea and development process of the new platform, the two interlocutors referred to the already global AirCare (MyAir), which is part of the 12 startups in this year’s generation of TechStars – a renowned program in Berlin. In that context, they emphasized that the mentorship and cooperation with IT and business experts significantly helped them in restructuring the AirCare application into the new platform, which has a wide range of data for greater predictability of natural disasters.




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