President Pendarovski visits Stip as part of the “Face to Face with the President” project

29 November 2021 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski visited Stip today within the “Face to Face with the President” project.

President Pendarovski visited the Jane Sandanski barracks where he attended the presentation of a drill: Tactics, techniques and procedures of movement of an infantry unit in a populated area, performed by the 3rd platoon of the 1st Infantry Company under the command of Lieutenant Neda Volcheva.

At the Barracks, President Pendarovski had the opportunity to talk to superiors, who briefed him on the working conditions of the Army members and their current activities. The meeting, which was also attended by the commanders of units of the US Army unit for advisory and support in the training of our NATO declared unit, also discussed its assessment, which should take place in April 2022.

President Pendarovski also talked with Lieutenant Neda Volcheva, commander of the 3rd platoon of the 1st Infantry Company. Speaking about her professional engagements and responsibilities, as well as the challenges as a woman, Volcheva emphasized that through her personal example she proves that women are equally ready to be part of the Army.

At this visit to the Jane Sandanski barracks in Stip, President Pendarovski was accompanied by the Chief of the General Staff of the Army, Lieutenant General Vasko Gjurcinovski.

President Pendarovski, during the visit to Stip, also visited the regional department of the State Archive of the Republic of North Macedonia, which has jurisdiction over several municipalities in that region. The employees informed the President about the content of the materials in this department, which has 523 funds and 22 collections, and informed that the oldest documents date from 1895, and as main part, they pointed out the material created after 1944.

In the depot of the regional department in Stip, several original documents were presented to President Pendarovski, among which were two certificates signed by Goce Delchev in the school in Novo Selo – Stip, application for enrollment in the Faculty of Philosophy of the national hero Vancho Prke, the first radio news for liberation of Stip, diploma of the first surgeon in Stip, as well as documents – property deeds from the Ottoman period.

President Pendarovski in the Jordan Mijalkov Sports Hall in Stip, met with the Macedonian karate practitioner Emil Pavlov, who won a silver medal at the world championship held in Dubai. Congratulating Pavlov on his extraordinary achievement, President Pendarovski said that with commitment and continuous investment, there are no unattainable goals.

Emil Pavlov is a two-time European champion, in Tampere, Finland – 2014 and in Novi Sad, Serbia – 2018. He is a 11-time state champion in North Macedonia.




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