President Pendarovski visits the Chamber of Commerce of North-West Macedonia

13 February 2024 | Press Releases

President Stevo Pendarovski visited today the Chamber of Commerce of North-West Macedonia and had a meeting with the President of the Chamber, Mendi Kura, with the members of the Management Board, as well as with representatives of the companies – members of the Chamber.

Within the framework of the visit, the Economic Manifesto for Accelerated Development was presented to President Pendarovski for the first time, a document prepared by the chamber bodies in cooperation with academic institutions. The manifesto provides an overview of the economic flows of the state since its independence and allows to identify the failures so far. At the same time, it represents a guide for taking further steps for economic growth and development, and also indicates the necessary reforms for more efficient institutions.

President Pendarovski welcomed the preparation of the Economic Manifesto, pointing out that it is particularly important to locate the priority areas in which the focus should be directed in the next period, and supported the efforts of the Chamber to encourage new investments, new jobs and sustainable economic growth and development of the state. Pointing out that business requires predictability, legal certainty and foreseeability, President Pendarovski indicated that the country, in the coming period, should continue the path towards membership in the European Union.

In the discussion with the representatives of the companies that are members of the Chamber, opinions were also exchanged on the challenges and problems faced by the business community in view of the current economic and political developments, as well as on the need for greater involvement in the preparation of legal solutions that directly affect. the business sector.





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