Video address of President Pendarovski at the 50th “October Gatherings” of the Union of Associations of Medical Laboratory Technicians and Sanitary Technicians

6 October 2023 | Speeches

President Stevo Pendarovski addressed via video message the opening of the 50th jubilee “October Gatherings” held in Ohrid, organized by the Union of Associations of Medical Laboratory Technicians and Sanitary Technicians.

Respected members of the Union of Associations of Medical Laboratory Technicians and Sanitary Technicians,

Dear guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,

 I regret that due to previously undertaken obligations I am not able to be with you in person today, but I thank you for the opportunity to address you and greet you via this video message.

Considering that the “October Gatherings” abound with plenary lectures, presentations and sessions by eminent professors, doctors and laboratory specialists and technicians, presenting modern achievements in all areas of laboratory diagnostics, I am convinced of another successful edition.

The fact that these gatherings have been taking place continuously for five decades is the best confirmation of their relevance. I would also like to use this opportunity to sincerely congratulate the Union of Associations of Medical Laboratory Technicians and Sanitary Technicians on their great anniversary, 50 years of “October Gatherings” and wish for many more years of this event.

It is through the “October Gatherings” as a top international professional gathering that you share experience with each other and develop cooperation between colleagues both in the country and in the region. In this way, you contribute to the advancement of laboratory practice at higher levels.

The Union that unites 1500 members, due to that very fact, deserves respect and support for the rest of its program activities. On this occasion, we must also mention the “April Gatherings” which are held in honor of the World Laboratory Day. With the overall engagement and numerous events, the Union essentially contributes to the further advancement and acquisition of new knowledge of its members, which is of vital interest for Macedonian healthcare and in general for our entire society.

Dear friends,

As I stated before, there is no doubt that medical laboratory technicians and sanitary technicians are of great importance within the overall health system. Thanks to your professionalism, ethics and dedication, we have efficient implementation of laboratory tests, a necessary segment in the medical treatment of patients. Yours, and the contribution of every medical worker in general to the quality and timely care of patients is essential and as such must be respected and valued.

During the Covid pandemic, laboratory tests were of critical importance and you, as always, were fully engaged in contributing to the fight against the virus and to the care and nursing of patients. After all, you know best that the fight for lives and health of our citizens is an everyday life in which there is no break and no improvisations are allowed. Both in a pandemic and in calmer times, you and all health professionals are maximally engaged and mobilized to help and therefore have the gratitude and support of the entire community.

In conclusion, let me once again wish you a successful 50th “October Gatherings”, and to all guests from abroad a pleasant stay in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Thank you.





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