Video message – President Pendarovski’s address at the ceremony on the occasion of the Day of Turkish Language Teaching

27 December 2023 | Speeches

President Stevo Pendarovski addressed the ceremony through a video message, which was organized by the association “Ufuk” on the occasion of 21 December – Day of Turkish Language Teaching.

Dear representatives of the association “Ufuk”,

Thank you for the invitation to address this solemn event. Unfortunately, due to previously undertaken commitments, I cannot be among you at this important ceremony. But allow me, with this message, to greet you, to congratulate you on 21 December – the Day of Turkish Language Teaching and to share with you some of my observations on this topic.

The possibility of education in the mother tongue is an essential democratic value that contributes to the development of cultural pluralism in a society. The right to speak and create in one’s own language is one of the most important human rights, through which the personal and identity of the entire ethnic community is preserved and promoted.

A long tradition of coexistence is cultivated in the Republic of North Macedonia. We can rightly be proud of the achievements of all ethnic communities that are part of our multi-ethnic and multi-lingual society.

As loyal Macedonian citizens, members of the Turkish community contribute to the development and progress of our common homeland. The awards that are given tonight for special contribution of the Turkish community speak for that. Apart from being a valuable part of the domestic multi-ethnic mosaic, Turks are also a bridge of connection with the friendly Republic of Turkiye.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Even in the most difficult periods of the Macedonian democracy, the association “Ufuk” did not deviate from the horizon of progressive values. Advocating for the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of our country, “Ufuk” was and remains the voice of young Turks in our country.

Expressing gratitude for your efforts so far, I invite you, together, to continue building a better and more prosperous future for all of us.

Thank you.





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